Trouble with .co.uk Ownership

What do I need to do?

If you are unable to transfer your .co.uk domain name through your current registrar then Nominet (the UK Domain registry) provide
the opportunity to transfer your domain through them. There are 2 steps in total to complete this process. Each step will cost you £10
+ vat to complete, totalling £24 in admin fees.
If you already know the email address registered to your domain and have access to it, you can skip the first step.

Step 1: Re-Establish Your Identity…

Firstly you will need to prove to Nominet you are the registered owner of the domain. Nominet look to the ‘Registrant Name’ to determine who owns the domain. You can use a public WHOIS service to check the registrant name of your domain (https://www.whois.com/). If the domain is in your name or your companies name then you can proceed with Nominet’s re-establish process:
You need to proceed through the steps on the website. specify the domain you need to transfer, and Importantly when Nominet ask for an e-mail address please provide them with one that you currently have access to, you will need it to complete the transfer.
Once you have gone through the payment process Nominet will send an email to the address you specified. They will request that you to provide some information that confirms you are the owner of the domain. This may include but is not limited to, Passport, Drivers licence, Bank statement, Utilities bill, Companies house letter. You need to scan the appropriate piece of documentation and attach it to an email sent in reply to Nominet.
It can take up to 24 hours for A member of Nominet’s validation team to evaluate and respond to your claim. If successful Nominet will send email confirmation and the registered email on the domain will be reset to the email you specified.

Step 2: Registrar Change…

You will next need to setup your password for your Nominet account. If you have just completed Step 1 Nominet will have sent you an email with a link on how to do this. You can still reset your password manually using this link:
You need enter your email address and Nominet will send a email which contains a link enabling you to set a password. Once you have your password you need to login to your Nominet account:
In order to transfer your domain will need to select the option “registrar change”
Select the domain you wish to transfer from the available domains in your account.
Nominet will then ask you to choose a registrar. in the search bar write our tag:
Our company name will come up and you just need to select ‘choose’.
Finally you need to complete Nominet’s payment process. the registrar change will cost £10+ vat to complete. Once the payment has been confirmed Nominet will then change the tag of the domain and we will then be able to transfer the domain to our account.