Why Your Business Needs SEO

The digital world is always changing, but one thing still remains the same. SEO is an essential and effective digital marketing strategy that can improve your website’s visibility. Furthermore, it offers a range of advantages to small business owners.

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Organic Traffic is Essential

Organic search is a huge part of many businesses’ website performance. Google owns a significant amount of the search market and we know that most world wide web users will visit Google to find information.

SEO focuses on creating title tags and meta descriptions that are informative and keyword relevant. Optimised tags and descriptions will show up in Google’s result pages and help increase web traffic.

Building Trust

Every business needs to build trust with its customers. This helps them become an authority, which then increases their customer base. Improving your SEO further increases customer trust; therefore, it is essential to work on this.

High ranking organic results achieve a higher click through rate (CTR). 53% of search engine clicks are on the first organic listing. SEO helps people become more aware of your brand.

Good SEO Means Better UX

User experience is a number one priority for every marketer. Everyone seeks better organic rankings and visibility. However, many forget that user experience is a huge part of doing so.

Customers always know what they want and if they can’t find it, your website’s performance will suffer. High quality SEO promotes a positive user experience, working in your brand’s favour.

Local SEO Increases Engagement, Traffic & More

As mobile traffic continues to grow, local search has become an essential part of a small and medium sized businesses’ success. Local SEOs are aimed at optimising your products/services for a specific area, so customers can find you quickly and easily.

Local optimisations focus on specific towns, cities and regions.

Helps Compete with Bigger Companies

In the business world, there is always competition. As a small business, it is important to do anything to help promote growth. SEO enables smaller businesses to compete on a larger scale.

An advantage that smaller businesses have is the ability work in a localised way. SEO can help build your companies’ reputation and relevance in your city/region.

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