Google’s Core Web Vitals Update: Be Prepared

Multiple times a year, Google updates its algorithms to improve search results and enhance its user experience. In early June, they rolled out their Core Web Vitals update. This is bringing lots of change to websites relating to speed, responsiveness and more.

This month’s blog at Get Your Mobi is looking at how you can prepare for the Core Web Vitals update and how it may impact your website.

How is it Changing SEO?

90% of all searches are made on Google which is why SEO experts follow Google’s rules when it comes to optimisation. Our job is to ensure your content is tailored in a certain way that enables it to crawl and target your relevant audience.

Google has told us that most sites won’t notice the updates. However, Core Web Vitals may impact your site’s SEO to an extent.

What Can You Do?

If your site is negatively impacted by the update, Google has given some advice. They suggest you focus on ensuring you are offering the best content you can. When evaluating your content, these are the following things to consider:

  • Site loading speed
  • Does it provide original information?
  • Does it provide interesting information?
  • Is content well-presented?
  • Do your headlines and page titles provide a descriptive summary of content?
  • Optimise images and videos
  • Review plugins
  • Focus on mobile first – Does it display well for mobile devices?

Why Does Google Carry Out Updates?

The World Wide Web is ever growing, and sites are changing. New content is constantly being published and these updates ensure everyone is being supported. However, whenever Google updates, it means your site can be impacted positively or negatively in search results.

As we know that Google is currently rolling out its Core Web Vitals update, it is important to keep an eye on your site’s performance and rankings.

Find Out More

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