6 Simple Ways to Reach a Bigger Audience

Whether it is through social media or your website, you want to reach as many potential clients as possible. The bigger the audience you reach, the more chance there is that you will gain enquiries and conversions from your clients. So, how can you reach a bigger audience?

Through social media management and several marketing techniques, Get Your Mobi can help every business reach a larger target audience. We can always identify the problems with your marketing techniques and find the best solutions to help your business thrive.

Social Media Hashtags

Whilst an excessive amount of hashtags on a social media post can become annoying, they are a great way to improve your customer reach. As long as your hashtags are relevant, there is always a chance you will pop up in someone’s feed.

Whether this is on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook, hashtags are a great way to share your post with any audience. Whilst your main social media reach is to your own followers and those who share your posts, hashtags can find a whole new audience interested in your products and services by simply including relevant hashtags.


Although advertising means parting way with your hard-earned money, it can often give you the best rewards. Both Facebook advertising and Google AdWords give you the chance to target any audience you like, whether this is local to your business or in a completely different area.

AdWords ensures traffic goes through to your website, whilst Facebook advertising can promote deals and giveaways your business has to offer. Despite the cost of advertising, it is a great marketing method to reach a big audience if your business is still making its way in the world. Advertising will find you new customers and allow you to grow your client base at a fast rate.

Keep Updating

Your website is never going to reach new audiences if you leave it to sit and collect dust. Whilst it may gain regular traffic, you must keep updating your website to find new customers and ensure the old ones don’t disappear.

Blogging is a fantastic option to keep your site updated on a regular basis, whether you do this yourself or outsource to our team to keep your website ticking over. Blogging isn’t the only form of content you can use to update your website, with many other options such as video marketing, new content and social media feeds also helping your website get picked up for new search terms.

Your old pages may get picked up for a selection of search terms, however, new content will ensure you expand on the keywords you are optimised for. As your website becomes optimised for more keywords and search terms, a bigger audience will come across your website, leading to more enquires on your products and services.

Local Targeting

Local searches are a big factor in many Google searches. Targeting your website to specific areas, for the keywords most relevant to your business is one of the best ways for your website to get found. Local SEO is a great method to optimise your website for local search terms and allows you to pick up customers located close to your business.

Local SEO doesn’t stop there. It can be used to target your business to a huge number of areas across the UK. There is no limit to what areas you can be found for, which means there is no limit to how big your client base could become. With more areas, you will reach a larger audience whilst still being targeted for keywords related to your business services.

Long Tail Keywords

With voice search having a bigger impact on search engines every year it is important your website is beginning to optimise for these search terms. Voice search is prone to more long tail keywords and whilst it can be a difficult challenge to optimise for longer keywords, it is a step worth taking.

Long tail keywords will often be questions and having an on-site FAQ page could be the best way to cover several long-tail keywords all at once.

Irresistible Headlines

There’s no better way to gain interest than to have intriguing headlines throughout your website. You never want your audience quickly leaving your website or not clicking on it at all. Having irresistible headlines will prevent this from happening and keep your clients interested in your website.

I’m not saying to lure your audience into a trap with exaggerated and false headlines. However, making sure you have a headline with relevance to your business, whilst creating content your audience actually wants to read will appeal to a much bigger audience.

Get Your Mobi Marketing Techniques

Get Your Mobi create quality content for all websites and along with our social media management, we can help every client achieve their online goals and reach new customers every day. If you would like to discuss the services we have available or require advice on your marketing techniques, contact our team today. Call us now on 01524 63087 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.